Welcome to CEU's Web User Guidelines

CEU's Web Unit, part of the university's Communications Office, develops and technically maintains the majority of institutional web presences, including: www.ceu.edu; central "hubs" for people (http://people.ceu.edu), courses/programs (http://courses.ceu.edu) and documents (http://documents.ceu.edu); school, department, (http://www.ceu.edu/academics/schools-departments) and research center (http://www.ceu.edu/research/centers) home pages; and other administrative units, groups, entities and functions.

Most website content is owned/maintained by either the CEU Communications Office or the individual unit.

Some common questions are answered at http://goo.gl/9xDLTf -- please bookmark this page for future reference.

These pages offer user guidelines for the CEU community in working with our website and is regularly updated by the CEU Web Unit.

Location: Jozsef Attila u. 24, room 116, Web Unit office

Phone: +36 1 327-3000 x2087

Email: ceuwebteam@gmail.com

Consultations: Available upon request