Create a Course

Adding a course is a self-evident process. Every year faculty/staff members create new/update old courses. Correspondingly, there are 3 types of course entries. Each of them requires a sligthlydifferent update procedure. These types with appropriate actions are identified below:

1. Course totally identical to the one taught previous year. In this case all information is the same except for the academic year.

Action: You should visit the existing course node and click the edit tab. Then within the "Level, Credit, Year, and Semester Information" tab, scroll to academic year and select current 20XY/20XZ. Remember to hold down the Ctrl key (on PCs) or Cmd (on Macs) as you select the year, as you want to retain the selection of all previous years (if any) as well.

2. Course which is similar to the previous year (f.e. 2010/2011), however with changes to some fields.

Action: Navigate to the existing course node, use the 'clone' tab to reproduce the node. Change the title and any other fields which need to be updated. Also be sure to select ONLY 20XY/20XZ from the academic year field.

Remember that the node clone tab permissionis is given only to the author. In other words whoever has created the course at the first place has the permission to clone it. Please contact the web team if you need to clone a course, but are not its auttor/owner.

3: Totally new course for 20XY/20XZ.

Action: Simply use the create course content link. A course can be added for the first time through the Create content - Course item in the Navigation menu (the right-hand side menu with your name on top) or through Create a Course link in your Minisite menu (the right-hand site menu with your minisite name on top, visible when you are on minisite pages).



-- Do NOT delete a course which is discontinued.

-- Do NOT delete the previous f.e. 2009/2010 reference from a course which continues identically in 220XY/20XZ. Select both years so that the course is available in the archive from each year. 

Following the above actions will ensure our web-based CEU course archive builds up as the years go by. Future visitors will then be able to easily review our past courses from this permanent archive.

Just for your reference, the images indicate  where  the fields "brief short description" and "full description" show up.


Fill in all required fields (Level, Course Status, Academic year, etc)

It is possible that some names you will enter as course instructors will not be visible once you save a course. That means the profile of this person is not affiliated with your domain.

In this case you can contact the Webteam asking to affiliate a profile with your domain. Be aware that once we will affiliate a profile to your domain the profile of a person will show up in "Peoples" hub (Faculty or Staff depending on the profile type).

If the profile should not appear among your unit members (i.e. Faculty hub) please send the Webteam the also profile's NODE ID to be excluded from the hub.