How to create Doctoral Defenses Panel (For editors only)

Doctoral Defenses Panel is a display more complex than other automatically generated panels.


After the Webteam sets up a panel the following 3 steps should be completed by responsible editors:

Step 1:

CREATE A PROFILE: (not a compulsory step for students studied at CEU in 90s-early 2000)  (where SITE is your domain such as envsci or polsci)

Please do not enter any informaiton in PhD Student tab-set if you do not study at CEU Doctoral Program.



Step 2:

CREATE A THESIS: (compulsory step for all)

Fill in the CEU thesis author field in case a student has a profile in the CEU system, and text field “thesis author" in case a student does not have it.


CREATE AN EVENT (compulsory step for all)

Select Doctoral defense event type and make a Reference to the Thesis already created in the system.