Editing content

Editing any node is almost as easy as viewing it. If you open a node for which you have editing rights, you will see the Edit tab above the text. Clicking on this tab will bring you to the editing page what is exactly the same as the one which have been used for creating new content. When you complete editing press the Save button at the very bottom and your changes will be saved.

If you don't see the Edit button on a particular page it may mean one of the following:

  1. either you are not looking at a Node, but rather at an automatically generated page which display collection of node elements as in the Staff Directory; or
  2. you do not have a permission to edit the node.

In the first instance try to get to the Node that you want to edit. For example, if you do not like how your short bio is displayed in a faculty directory, click on your name to get to your Profile node which you should be able to edit (i.e. you will see the Edit button). In most other directories you can click your way to the node that needs to be edited to change a particular display.

In the second instance you may want to contact the Webteam or your unit's/minisite's Editor to upgrade your privileges from a general user to the Editor. Editing some CTs (e.g. Official Documents) requires a special role of CEU Administrator which can be given to you if your status so allows.