Create an Event

What is an event?

An event is a node (similar to a book page, a blog entry, a story, etc.) with several specific fields such as VenueDate (start and finish), Abstract, Presenter(s) and CEU contact. Events can be classified and displayed in the same way as any other nodes (e.g. according to Units or Research Themes). On the top of that since they have date fields they can also be displayed in various calendar formats.

Adding an event

An event can be added through the Create content - Event item in the Navigation menu (the right-hand side menu with your name on top) or through Create event link in your Minisite menu (the right-hand site menu with your minisite name on top, visible when you are on minisite pages).

Adding an event is a self-evident process. If you want your event to be associated with your OG minisite (e.g. your Unit), mark the relevant "group" in the Groups field when entering the event. It will affect how the event will be displayed.

All events are automatically displayed at CEU main domain no matter on which domain you’ve created the event.

Title, Event type and Event audience are compulsory fields.

Type in main information to the "Full Event description" field.

Select Academic keywords:

Set up Date and Location:


It is possible that some names you will enter as CEU Presenters will not be visible once you save an event. That means the profile of this person is not affiliated with your domain.

In this case you can contact the Webteam asking to affiliate a profile with your domain. Be aware that once we will affiliate a profile to your domain the profile of a person will show up in "Peoples" hub (Faculty or Staff depending on the profile type).

If the profile should not appear among your unit members (i.e. Faculty hub) please send the Webteam the NODE ID (name of the person/profile link) to be excluded from the hub.