Useful hints

While filling in the fields discussed above there are some typical mistakes done by unexperienced users. Please make sure you treat them correctly at your pages.

Academic Areas

Please make sure you indicate the academic area(s) for the content type you have chosen (News, Events, Projects, Thesis, P ofile, Courses, Publications).

To do that consult the list of CEU academic areas first. You can indicate more than one area by holding down Ctrl (on PCs) or Cmd (on Macs) key while clicking on selected terms. If the page does not fully fit any of these areas you should indicate extra keywords (describing the project in finer details) under the Academic Keywords field.


“Paste as a plain text” button

Often while editing fields you copy/paste text from Word Processors or other Webpages/emails having certain formating (images, font size, colour, line space, etc) applied. As a rule you do not want this formating to appear at your webpage (see example below). If you directly paste external formatting into your page, there is no guarantee the page will display properly in IE or other browsers. The only remedy the Web Unit can offer is to revert the page to the last version saved without external formatting.

To make sure formating is not copied along with the text click Paste as Plain Text button (indicated at the image below) to insert text into the field at your webpage.


Example of page generated by copy/paste from other sources without using “paste as a plain text” button. The News section has been "ruined".

Another example. Internet Explorer issue, only the first part is published and the whole page looks weird