People Guidelines

What are the People and Courses/Program hubs?

These are central repositories of faculty and staff profiles and course and program descriptions. They will serve as the architectural backbone of our upcoming web system. Their data have been pulled from existing content. For the moment, CEU community members need only work with the hubs on a limited basis, for basic editing and review purposes.


Is my profile on the People hub now to be considered my only, and primary profile?

In most cases, no. For those faculty and staff with an affiliation to one or more unit minisites, your minisite profile continues to serve as your main profile and you should update it as usual. However in the future, the People hub profile will work in tandem with your minisite profile.

For the few cases in which the only instance of your profile is on the institutional domain (primarily some administrative staff), the profile on the People hub becomes your sole profile.


If I change my minisite profile, will those same changes automatically appear on the People hub?

At the moment, no. The People hub profile data are accurate as of July 24, 2013, when it was synced. If you update your minisite profile after then, you should update the People hub profile as well (see below).


If my profile doesn’t need updating, should I do anything with my People hub profile?

You should do a one-time review for accuracy. If you need to edit it, you can do so by logging in with your Novell ID and password at If you want to extend the profile with additional data that were not pulled over from your minisite profile, you can do so, but this is not required.

It’s important to note that some fields, like rank and position, were not migrated to the People hub profile because we want to allow users to align job titles with specific units (not possible in the previous system). You can now do this via the unit affiliation tab.

Help guidelines for the People hub are located at