Courses Guidelines

What are the People and Courses/Program hubs?

These are central repositories of faculty and staff profiles and course and program descriptions. They will serve as the architectural backbone of our upcoming web system. Their data have been pulled from existing content. For the moment, CEU community members need only work with the hubs on a limited basis, for basic editing and review purposes.

What is the content currently published on the Courses and Programs hub?

It contains courses added to our system through July 24, 2013, and marked as either AY 12/13, or AY 13/14. It also publishes our current list of Academic Programs, associated with both courses and units.

Please note that data on the course hub are restricted to course name, credits, instructor, summary, description, learning outcomes, file attachment, and related links. This is intentional. When academic units migrate to the new system, they will be able to extend this data on their minisites (e.g. with data such as semester, module, stream, region, max capacity, core vs. elective, etc.), without affecting other units.

Once all units migrate, the Course/Program hub will only publish courses from the current AY. If units wish to publish course archives on their websites, they can do so separately.

How should I add courses to our website this summer? 

You should add courses per usual at your minisite. However, it will also be important to update the Courses/Programs hub with your AY 13/14 courses in fall 2013, especially if your unit will be among the first to migrate to the new system. Courses for AY 12/13 are shown just for reference purposes. Units entering AY 13/14 courses should unpublish AY 12/13 courses at that time.

Help guidelines for the Course/Program hub are located at

Please note that going forward, the yearly course updating method will become easier, as no action will be required with a course so long as it carries over with the same data.