CEU-relevant photo pixel dimensions + Image editing workflow




Facebook photo dimensions

Page cover photo: 851 x 315


 fb cover.jpg 

Default photo: 180 x 180 (but display is actually 160 x 160)

 fb profile.jpg 

Event cover photo: 785 x 295

 fb event.jpg 

Timeline linked article preview photo: 470 x 275

 fb timeline article.jpg 

CEU system photo dimension

 “Old system” carousel photo: 960 x 320

 old system carousel.jpg 


“New system” carousel photo: 735 x 325

 new system carousel.jpg 

Home page news preview photo: 335 x 220

 home news.jpg 

Image editing workflow

Where do I want to put this image? Relatedly, what dimensions are needed? Check above sizes if relevant, or...



What orientation is the image? Choose a photo which has content that can fit the space. If the space is horizontally-oriented (eg. a carousel), then a vertical portrait probably won’t fit well (ie., top of head chopped off).

Where can I find images?



How can I download a flickr photo? Click on the image and look for the three-dot icon. Click on the icon, either you will have an option to download directly, or be taken to a page allowing you to select the size (and you can download from there with right-click).

Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Cropping and resizing. A simple program called Fotor (available in CEU Zenworks and also online at www.fotor.com -- screenshot below is online version) can handle basic cropping and resizing. Select pixel height and width, drag and resize crop tool as needed.

Photo Editor | Fotor - Free Online Photo Editing & Creatives.jpgPhoto Editor | Fotor - Free Online Photo Editing & Creatives-1.jpg

Insert into page or share as needed. Instructions for inserting images into CEU web pages available at http://webguidelines.ceu.edu