What is the panel?

One of the most popular questions is how to edit people, courses , projects, news and other similar pages? Some of these pages are presented below:

Example1 : Automatically generated profiles

Example 2:Automatically generated projects

Example 3: Automatically generated events

Example 4: Front page

The simple answer is normal users (even editors) are not entitled to edit such pages.

These pages are not static pages but panels, automatically generated page which display collection of node elements.

Though you cannot edit the overall appearance of this page, you still can correct certain entries such as your own profiles/events/projects (if you have the editor rights). To do so please click on an entry (e.g. your short bio) and make any corrections needed within it if you have enough rights.

There are several panels developed by the Webteam for a variety of CEU purposes which can be used by users. Please consult the Webteam if you think you need one.