Getting Started -- Typical Sequence

If you aren't quite sure where the process of creating your new template-based website begins, use this simple guide to help you through the stages involved.

Step 1 - Request a domain

Contact the Webteam (email:, to request a domain for your unit. If you have an older URL, eg, you will need to request a new, top-level name, eg When the URL has been confirmed, the Webteam will set up a domain for your unit and, by default, will give you (as the person making the request) the role of editor for the site.

Step 2 - Training

All site editor must read Web Guideline.

Step 3 - Planning

Careful thought at the planning stage of your new website can save a lot of time later.

Step 4 - Building your site

You should now have the skills to start creating your site. Support throughout this process is available from the Webteam (who can help with use of the templates; apply current dispays, advise on accessibility issues; help create your homepage).

Step 5 - Before you launch your site

When you think your site will soon be ready for launch, it's a good idea to ask a few colleagues to look carefully over the site, proofread and check links etc, to ensure you are happy for the outside world to see your pages. 

Step 6 - After launch

Keep in touch with web mailings and revisit the planning information which includes information about keeping your site up to date and interesting.